Wednesday, March 12, 2014


On the 13th of february, at 7 o'clok in the afternoon. I got hit by a motorcycle while I was crossing the street.
It was 8 days before my birthday.
I broke both of my legs and had to stay in bed for a month, and tomorrow, 13th of march, I'll finally remove one of the two plasters I have on right now.

I've always been a grateful person. Always. I was aware that I was lucky to live under a roof, to have water, to walk, to eat, to buy the stuff I needed. So I just see this accident like another reason to be grateful. I've been living in my bed for the last 29 days. Had to skip school, and basically, to skip life.
But I'm not sad. I'm very happy about this situation. It's just another experience, right?
I remember that 10 days or so before the accident I had told my mom "I want to hibernate! And wake up when it's spring!" and it happened! My wish has come true, haha! Now outside the weather is warm and the smell of nature is entering my room from the window as I'm writing this. Crazy! Right!?

Nonetheless, this is my life right now. I'm pretty cool and happy with my situation! Hope all of you lovely people are good too!

Much love,

Always on my bed! Just like this pingu gif! Haha!