Sunday, December 22, 2013

Resolutions and stuff.

Like every year, even 2013 is going to end. And the end is near. In this period of the year people just start to make resolutions. I won't post the list of my resolutions on here, because I don't think anyone cares, I myself sometimes get bored when I read other people's resolutions. In the end, they're nearly all the same; lose weight, be fit, study more, save more, etc
But the point of this post isn't that. The point of this post is to make you think; 

Is there something very significant that I want to do?

Lately I've been focusing on the sentimental side of life, and I've been observing people. And through this observation of mine, it hit me: the fact that all of the people surrounding me just don't care
I believe that not caring is the worst of diseases, because it makes oneself blind, unable to be grateful, to love deeply, do see the good. And now...
What makes a person caring? In my opinion, the ability to see through the heart
Yes. That's it. Indeed, my favorite quote is:

“Goodbye," said the fox. "And now here is my secret, a very simple secret: It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” 
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

I won't make this any longer, because my job is to make the person reading this post question herself, and I hope I accomplished my mission. In the end, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

My only advice is: whatever you are; be a good one.

Friday, November 22, 2013


As I write this blogpost, without knowing in any way where this is going to take me, I just feel lost. But that's no surprise, because it has been happening a lot in the last few weeks. 
Nothing serious, I guess I'm just wandering around all the different aspects of my caracter and finding the one that suits me better. I really feel like I'm improving as a person, and that's a thing I have been working on for so long. But I still have to realize if it's for the best or not so. 
I used to be the very talkative one, and guess what? Now I found ease in silence. 
I discovered a new passion of mine; listening and observing. 
And I have been loving doing it!

On another side, I've noticed (just right NOW) that I have a friend that gets out the worst part of me and I think I'd rather detach myself from her because it's not good for me. But I think I should do it in another moment because she's going through very hard times... I don't know! Can you help me decide? 

I have been improving with my chinese!  So happy! 

You guys, how are you? Do you feel lost sometimes? Why/how?

I'll leave you with some breathtaking pictures, good night lovelies! 


(by man10kowai)


Awesome cherry blossom by ルーク.チャン.チャン on Flickr.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

✩ Dear, dear sushi. ✩


First of all, so*ww*y for the last kind of depressive post, I was stressed out and not in a very good temper that day, but I'm getting better - used is the word - to all of this mess that is my class. Sincerely, planning for the future has been helping me go through everything. And my activities too! This year I'm studying chinese!  And I'm gonna... *drum rolls* ... GO TO THE GYM! 
Crazy!!! A lazy girl like me?! To the gym?! YES. I decided that I have to lose a little bit of weight and stay fit, 'cause a healthy body means a healthy soul and mind! So YOU, yes YOU, stay fit and don't sit on that couch eating chips! I see you!! 

Nonetheless, let's go back to the title of this post... SUSHI. YES. I love sushi! 

It's good and isn't super duper fat like other foods *cough* junk food *cough*! 
So, last saturday I went to eat sushi me & my two bestfriends, and my friend JMG (who I already talked to you about in this post) had the pleasure to take some pictures and... HERE THEY ARE! ENJOY! 

I'm gonna stop torturing you with these delicious pictures and go take a shower! Next I'll watch a Disney movie (I'm keeping up with my Disney Marathon, yesterday I watched the Little Mermaid, lovely as always!) don't know which one yet!

That's it, bye bye!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

✩ Hazy thoughts.

Hi cookies.
Today I wanted to do a short thoughtful post, because I like thoughts and just discussing about life in general. And in the case you struggle like me, we can confort each other!

Let me introduce you a little bit to what has been happening in my life lately!
First of all, as (I think?) a few of you will know, I started school on thursday, and even though it's been such a little time since I started It really feels uncomfortable to me. My bestfriend changed school and she was the only one in the class I really enjoyed to talk to... So now I feel kind of lost. The things people talk about just make me question humanity, because I don't know if in your class it's like that but in my class, 99% of the people only talk about their alcoholic drinks, weed and sexual experiences. 
These are not the things that interest me, sincerely... I prefer discussing things and just having a light chit-chat with people, but when it gets so heavy, I just stop talking (I used to be such a talkative person, oh well...). 
Come on, my animal crossing life is getting more fun that real life! 
I guess that leads me to one choice: focusing in class (yes I said it)! 
And so far, I've been paying attention and studying/doing homeworks regularly.

But yeah, that's it. To everyone having struggles with their class out there, don't think about it too much. Just focus on what you love to do and try to meet new people outside of your school! 


by Hajin Bae

Tell me, how is your class? Do you feel at ease in it? If yes/no, why?
Okay, bye cooookies! See you soon! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

♡ My top 5 favorite necklaces!

Haiiii cookies!

Today I'm coming to you with a favorites post! This one is about my favorite necklaces! My favorite way to give a little something to any outfit is by using necklaces! Especially when they're gold-coloured and cute. Most of my favorite ones are from Accessorize! Although that shop is quite pricey for necklaces, when the sales come it get's super cheap and inexpensive, I always get excited in the sales period (don't judge me!)! 

1. The Bike
This is my newest favorite, when I bought it I didn't really think I'd wear it as much as I actually do! I guess I'm not so daring when it comes to necklaces with weird objects on them (I'm more okay with them when the weird objects are on bracelets). This was originally 7/8€ I think, and I got it for 3/4€, I guess? By the way, still cheap! Plus, It's a reminder to myself that maybe I should start learning to ride a bike (just maybe...).

2. Geek!
Yes, while everyone else has the "Geek" t-shirt I decided to be original and buy the "geek" necklace! I bought this in the last winter and I don't regret it! This is the easiest way to add a fun touch to your plain t-shirts and sweaters. I've been complimented on this quite a few times. I bought this in the sales too, for 3/4€ like the last necklace. The quality isn't the best, but for the price it's really good! Originally, when I bought it I thought I could remove the other letters and leave the 'G' (it's my name's initial) but you can't remove the other letters... too bad! 

3. The leaf
I bought this for 3€ last week in Bershka (a clothing shop). I think it's an awesome piece when you want to layer a few necklaces because of the simple yet sophisticated pendant and detailing. And another thing that I really like about this necklace is the chain, so pretty! 

 4. The wedding
This is my favorite among all my favorite necklaces. When I saw it I immediatly fell in love with it. It's two wedding rings (one rosegold, one gold) on a long gold chain. I think this is beautiful with a sweater or a floral shirt. I LOVE IT! It's so chic and elegant in my opinion! It's a very unique piece and if I could I'd wear it every day! Bought it for 4€ (in sales too, and in Accessorize, haha!). The only bad thing is that one of the small fake diamonds on the rosegold ring fell.. image

 5. Lucky
I love this necklace, although I have no idea what the thing on it represents (lol) I know it's something that is supposed to bring you luck (correct me if I'm wrong!). I got it at Marc Jacobs two years ago (I received a gift card for that shop for my birthday)  and when I saw it I wasn't expecting that 2 years later everyone would be wearing this... Thing. I like it mainly because it's simple and supposed to bring luck. When I don't know how to accessorise an outfit I'll wear this and I'm good to go! I 'got' it for 12€. 

So here you go! My top 5 favorite necklaces! Do you like them? Do you have any thoughts about them? What are YOUR favorites  5 necklaces? Let me know. image

See you later coooookies! 

Sunday, September 8, 2013

♡ Outfit of the day: July rain.

Hey cookies!

This is a fast update, cause I have to hurry to go out later.
Basically I decided to be back on the blog and update it again, because it's nice & fun. And I miss you guys! 
I wish I sticked with it since the beginning, but you know... School always gets in the way! Hopefully I will keep my promise because if not I'll get mad at myself!

Here I am today with a brand new OOTD (outfit of the day), which I really like.
It's one of those outfits you wear on lazy days but that still look dressy and chic.

Sweater, Zara - 8€
Pants, Bershka - 12€

Moustache Bracelet, Accessorize - 5€
Two bracelets - Local shop

Heart earrings, Accessorize - 4€

Oxfords, Pimkie - 12€

Et voilà! I hope you enjoyed this OOTD, and tell me if you want more!
Btw, I decided to title every OOTD with something referring to a song.
I really like this one, so this is inspired by Hobbie Stuart's song JULY RAIN!