♡ About me.

\(*´▽`*)/ Hi cookies!
My name is Giulia, but please call me Gizzy. I'm a year older every 21st of february and right now I'm 16 years old!
I like and dislike (I don't like the word 'hate', too powerful for me) many many things. But the main things that I really enjoy are drawing, painting, blogging and watching cartoons.
I mainly dislike insects, cruel people, cruelty in general and chocolate with fruits in it (chocolate is chocolate!).
I'm a sushi foodie, a fashion lover, a sweet tooth, cute-things-addict and a tea passionate!
I really hope to make you smile in someway, this blog was mainly made for fun and for the only purpose of sharing ideas and (maybe?) inspire you.
If you'd like to talk to me or have anything you'd like to ask me/ask advice for, I'm available.!
Please, make yourself at home.

I blog since I was 10 years old. I started blogging about random cartoons that I liked in that period, more specifecly animes. Since then, I had from 10 to 15 blogs, but I am running only one of them right now, lol.

At first, the website that I used to host my blogs was skyrock, which is a french blog community (but you can found it/blog on it in other languages!). I randomly discovered Blogger this summer (2012) and started my blog. And here it is! 

Well, after this quick introduction to my life/blogging life, I'll just tell you what I'll write in my blog; It'll gather some random outfits, beauty tips, lifestyle advices, favorites posts and food entries - yah, I love food! - that I hope will be interesting and funny. Soooo, get ready to enjoy my life with meeee! 
— sounds stalkerish, leh. 
By the way, I like to call my readers cookies. Hey, you, are you gonna be one of my cookies? 

Lots of love, Gizzy. ♡

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