Saturday, September 8, 2012

♡ Haul: Summer!

YOW Cookies. 

I was boringly browsing the web, when I thought “Hey, why not posting a haul?”, so here it is! These are the things I bought all over my summer - that will end in4 days *sigh*. I use to buy SO MUCH MORE STUFF, but as said in my Trip post, the sales this year were oltrageous. By the way, Enjoy the post!

Nivea Nose Strips - 4€

Basic Beauty Face Argil Mask - 15€

Nivea Cream - 1,50 €

Instant Moisturizing Mask Sephora - 9,90€

Nivea Styling Spry 'Strong Hold' - 3, 60 €

Exfoliating Face Disk Sephora - 4,20 €

Labello Soft Rosé Lipbalm - 3(?)€

Zara Textures Perfum Green Tea Scent - 1,99€

Leather Necklace H&M - 1€

Leather Earrings H&M - 1-3(?) €

Various Earrings Set Tally Weijl - 1,95€

Mirror H&M - 1€

Fluffy Ring SIX - 3€

Pears Ring UPIM -(?)€

H&M Bag - 7€

H&M Pink Dress -7€

H&M Hot Pink Tank Top - 5€

Voilà! Hope you liked this haul. The FALL HAUL will be up soon too.. be ready!
Plus, as said on twitter (FOLLOW ME!), I'm RE-DESIGNING MY ROOM! *cries from the joy* I will hopefully post the fotos of my new room (are you interested in it? tell me!).

See you soon cookies!
Lots of Love.


  1. I've always wanted one of those Exfoliating Face Disk . But they don't sell it where I live. :( What a bummer.

    1. I can understand you, I've searched for it for such a long time! Isn't there any Sephora where you live? x