Saturday, September 22, 2012

♡ Updates.

Good Afternoon Cookies! :)
How was your week so far?

Mine was great! Because... I GOT CALLED TO DO A CASTING! 
It will have place next saturday. I am so freaking EXCITED! I still cannot believe it.
I will do a post about the results of it - DUH!! - and how the experience will be, get reaady!

Btw, this week I haven't done much. Only yesterday (friday) I went to do a bit of shopping with my bestfriend JMG. 

 Me & her. <3

We went to H&M, Tally Weijl and Tiger. Here are a few things I got (only from H&M)!

Eyelash curler - 4€
Blush/Foundation brush - 4€

Lipgloss - 1€

 Then I bought these mangas - still haven't read them, shame on me - that I'm so excited to read! Do you like/read any mangas?

 My favorite nail polish for tha week! I soooooo love this color! (Stole from JMG, lolol.) 
Don't say anything about my fat fingers, ewe.

I even went to get Conor Maynard's album "Contrast" that I pre-ordered a few days ago. Listening to it right now, great tunes. His voice's AWESOME!!

This is my OOTD of that day (couldn't take decent pictures, sorry!).

Zara tee - 5€ ; XL buttoned up to - ? ; Zara jeans  - 25€ ; Superga shoes - 50€.

Cute graphics found on the net, :3.


It rained a little, and this is in honor of seeing my first double rainbow! Also, I might have lost all my sanity some point this week because of finals/the end of school, but hopefully I’ll be back to posting drawings regularly next week.

So that's it! Looking forward for my saturday niiiiight! Here's a pic of my PJ's, lololol.

Talk to you in the next post cookies! *lazy mode on* 


I think I’m a bit nutty right now for making this, but enjoy nonetheless. &gt;o&lt;


  1. OOoooo nice post ...MANGA!! I'll check them both out they look good ^^

    Love Emi your new follower,

    Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog ^^ Really appreciate it ^^

  2. This probably sounds really random, but I just had to say that last cookie thingy made me smile :) It was really cute! :D

  3. congrats on your casting! :) love the nail polish colour, so bright and fun!