Sunday, October 7, 2012

I am alive!

Hello little cookies!

Long time no see huh? It's been 2 WEEKS!! Shame on me, seriously. I am such a heartless person, cc. 
Btw, I have some talk to you about! 

I am writing to you while eating my 22:16 pm cereals, don't judge me lol.

The best cereals ever.

Well, remember the casting I talked to you about a few weeks ago? I made it and...

I passed it!!!!

But no, I'm not gonna get famous or else, I didn't sign the contract because in order to "start my career" my parents had to pay +200€.
I wanna do what I love thanks to my talent not money so no thank you.
I wasn't disappointed since they got me! Plus, dudes I'm young and they'll be a THOUSANDS castings later on so why getting depressed? I had a giant kebab afterwards for lunch! *Q*

1st week of absence. (23 -- 30 sept.) 
Didn't do much, just went to school and studied all the time. Felt really depressed for a day because of a 6/10 in Math.. Oh well, I hate the teacher. UGH.  

And then Satan said, "Let Alphabet be in Mathematics..".
LOL. Funny quote, huh?

2nd week of absence. (1 -- 2 oct.)
Ate sushi TWICE!! And cooked pancakes+caramel cupcakes with JMG (my bestfriend) on friday. It was pretty cool -- and yummay. 

This week I developped my drawing-cute-stuff skills. What do you think? :)

My mom got me this weird painting/thing, it's on my wall right now. It is a dog with a monocle.. Weird, I repeat. 
I shall call him Winston, Frerard Winston. 

You can always blame him.

OHHHH! And I ordered from Amazon this baby and it finally arrived! 
L O V E I T !! 

How was your week so far guys?! grin 
Let me now!! 

A simple animation, hope it’s not too late for some of you guys! Sunday night… time to finish my homework.
edit 5/6- tomorrow is spelled with two r’s and one m. it’s not like I momentarily forgot when I made this… fixed now. >o<

Next post will be a night skincare routine one! Yeeeey! :) BE READY! 

Love you all cookies, 
Nighty Night and caramel-salted dreams, hehe.
...Gonna get some green tea, see ya! 


  1. Love your drawing, and your handwriting! As for the casting.. i don't get it why you have to pay..hmm

    1. Aw, thank you! :)
      I don't now either, ugh! >.<

  2. it's so cute dear :)you have a good hand to drawing

  3. Your drawings are sooo cute haha!
    And that quote made my day :D

    Congratulations ♥

  4. oh so cute the drawings! haha I love the drawing about math, is so funny!