Monday, September 9, 2013

♡ My top 5 favorite necklaces!

Haiiii cookies!

Today I'm coming to you with a favorites post! This one is about my favorite necklaces! My favorite way to give a little something to any outfit is by using necklaces! Especially when they're gold-coloured and cute. Most of my favorite ones are from Accessorize! Although that shop is quite pricey for necklaces, when the sales come it get's super cheap and inexpensive, I always get excited in the sales period (don't judge me!)! 

1. The Bike
This is my newest favorite, when I bought it I didn't really think I'd wear it as much as I actually do! I guess I'm not so daring when it comes to necklaces with weird objects on them (I'm more okay with them when the weird objects are on bracelets). This was originally 7/8€ I think, and I got it for 3/4€, I guess? By the way, still cheap! Plus, It's a reminder to myself that maybe I should start learning to ride a bike (just maybe...).

2. Geek!
Yes, while everyone else has the "Geek" t-shirt I decided to be original and buy the "geek" necklace! I bought this in the last winter and I don't regret it! This is the easiest way to add a fun touch to your plain t-shirts and sweaters. I've been complimented on this quite a few times. I bought this in the sales too, for 3/4€ like the last necklace. The quality isn't the best, but for the price it's really good! Originally, when I bought it I thought I could remove the other letters and leave the 'G' (it's my name's initial) but you can't remove the other letters... too bad! 

3. The leaf
I bought this for 3€ last week in Bershka (a clothing shop). I think it's an awesome piece when you want to layer a few necklaces because of the simple yet sophisticated pendant and detailing. And another thing that I really like about this necklace is the chain, so pretty! 

 4. The wedding
This is my favorite among all my favorite necklaces. When I saw it I immediatly fell in love with it. It's two wedding rings (one rosegold, one gold) on a long gold chain. I think this is beautiful with a sweater or a floral shirt. I LOVE IT! It's so chic and elegant in my opinion! It's a very unique piece and if I could I'd wear it every day! Bought it for 4€ (in sales too, and in Accessorize, haha!). The only bad thing is that one of the small fake diamonds on the rosegold ring fell.. image

 5. Lucky
I love this necklace, although I have no idea what the thing on it represents (lol) I know it's something that is supposed to bring you luck (correct me if I'm wrong!). I got it at Marc Jacobs two years ago (I received a gift card for that shop for my birthday)  and when I saw it I wasn't expecting that 2 years later everyone would be wearing this... Thing. I like it mainly because it's simple and supposed to bring luck. When I don't know how to accessorise an outfit I'll wear this and I'm good to go! I 'got' it for 12€. 

So here you go! My top 5 favorite necklaces! Do you like them? Do you have any thoughts about them? What are YOUR favorites  5 necklaces? Let me know. image

See you later coooookies! 

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