Wednesday, September 18, 2013

✩ Dear, dear sushi. ✩


First of all, so*ww*y for the last kind of depressive post, I was stressed out and not in a very good temper that day, but I'm getting better - used is the word - to all of this mess that is my class. Sincerely, planning for the future has been helping me go through everything. And my activities too! This year I'm studying chinese!  And I'm gonna... *drum rolls* ... GO TO THE GYM! 
Crazy!!! A lazy girl like me?! To the gym?! YES. I decided that I have to lose a little bit of weight and stay fit, 'cause a healthy body means a healthy soul and mind! So YOU, yes YOU, stay fit and don't sit on that couch eating chips! I see you!! 

Nonetheless, let's go back to the title of this post... SUSHI. YES. I love sushi! 

It's good and isn't super duper fat like other foods *cough* junk food *cough*! 
So, last saturday I went to eat sushi me & my two bestfriends, and my friend JMG (who I already talked to you about in this post) had the pleasure to take some pictures and... HERE THEY ARE! ENJOY! 

I'm gonna stop torturing you with these delicious pictures and go take a shower! Next I'll watch a Disney movie (I'm keeping up with my Disney Marathon, yesterday I watched the Little Mermaid, lovely as always!) don't know which one yet!

That's it, bye bye!

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