Saturday, September 14, 2013

✩ Hazy thoughts.

Hi cookies.
Today I wanted to do a short thoughtful post, because I like thoughts and just discussing about life in general. And in the case you struggle like me, we can confort each other!

Let me introduce you a little bit to what has been happening in my life lately!
First of all, as (I think?) a few of you will know, I started school on thursday, and even though it's been such a little time since I started It really feels uncomfortable to me. My bestfriend changed school and she was the only one in the class I really enjoyed to talk to... So now I feel kind of lost. The things people talk about just make me question humanity, because I don't know if in your class it's like that but in my class, 99% of the people only talk about their alcoholic drinks, weed and sexual experiences. 
These are not the things that interest me, sincerely... I prefer discussing things and just having a light chit-chat with people, but when it gets so heavy, I just stop talking (I used to be such a talkative person, oh well...). 
Come on, my animal crossing life is getting more fun that real life! 
I guess that leads me to one choice: focusing in class (yes I said it)! 
And so far, I've been paying attention and studying/doing homeworks regularly.

But yeah, that's it. To everyone having struggles with their class out there, don't think about it too much. Just focus on what you love to do and try to meet new people outside of your school! 


by Hajin Bae

Tell me, how is your class? Do you feel at ease in it? If yes/no, why?
Okay, bye cooookies! See you soon! 

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